A week alone. A whole part of me away from me. Work and friends remain. A lot of work, but the pace is different. And music. Music outside. Three shows, it’s a lot for the guy I became. And we missed Dogbowl (OK, let’s not talk about it anymore, right? EVER). And music inside. The bedroom filled with three guitars, a mike, a keyboard and all my toys. Like in the good ol’ days. And it worked. Four tunes and a fifth that’s almost here. Pretty cool.

As a souvenir of the mood: some no-fi-dance-bullshits I love. Neon Idians, Washed out, Nite Jewel, Glass Candy and Memory Tapes. I don’t play the same music at all when I’m recording, but deep inside, there’s a connection. Hope so.

download > STRSKMX#29

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