Crack & Weed


It’s time for the extended summer mix.
This year it’s a double: a crack side and a weed side, for all of you, junkies. Choose the mood you need to get high. 2 x 1 hour of pure joy and incredible songs cooked together with love by your favorite dealer.

download > Crack & Weed (2010 Extended Summer Mix)




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  1. what about crystal meth?

    Comment by mary jane — 05.07.2010 #

  2. I thought about it, but couldn’t find enough songs to go with it.

    Comment by starsky — 05.07.2010 #

  3. Music’s never been so good than this summer 🙂

    Comment by Judy — 06.07.2010 #

  4. encore,encore plus ,je vais être en manque arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Comment by anty — 07.07.2010 #

  5. let’s cook !

    Comment by delphine — 15.07.2010 #

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