SloMo #2


For a while, the world was hanging somewhere, on somewhat it found to hold to, without us. And we could not breathe even though we were not dying. Now the sun is back, we got connected again and found that no one actually disappeared.
There are a lot of songs to accompany these awkward moments, very sweet music, smooth keyboards, whispering voices, gentle guitars. Stuffs that get you high in getting down.
This second slo-mo mix (the last one was in summer 2008) is for my people (yo) and especially a brother of mine who’s waiting for his eyes to be repaired.
He gave me the first track : a John Carpenter’s joint from an incredible Soundtrack. Our old pals from Yo La Tengo are next, for a really cooooool one that leads directly to those cute young people, XX, who recorded one of the most beautiful albums of the year. I’m looking forward bringing my 7 years daughter to see them live in october. And then it’s Desire for a dark slow disco that nicely fades into a Hulk’s track that my new friend Huy gave me. Movietone put the instrumental mood a little further, and there goes the surprise : Bastro and Codeine, singing in french a Pierre Barough’s song. It deserves both a OMG and a WTF in that interwebs language, no ?

Have a good nap.

download > STRSKMX#27


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  1. coool…
    à l'ombre de nous, c'était sur une cassette, ça faisait donc super longtemps vu que même l'autoradio ne fonctionne plus depuis quelques années…

    Comment by maryjane — 19.09.2009 #

  2. encore un petit morceau pour finir la sieste?

    Comment by maryjane — 19.09.2009 #

  3. Je ne l'ai redécouvert qu'au hasard de fouilles sur le Ternet comme dit Émilie, c'est la jolie claque de la semaine…

    Comment by Starsky — 19.09.2009 #

  4. Superbe SloMo Star Sky! Et je me dis aussi que tu as de la chance d'avoir un nouvel ami qui s'appelle Huy.

    Comment by Delphine — 21.09.2009 #

  5. For sure!

    Comment by StarSky — 21.09.2009 #

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