Something for your holidays


This is summer for real in Paris. Everybody’s leaving, streets are beautiful, the town is sweet. A little High Life Music to start this special issue of Strasky’s Mix. Are you cool now ? Let’s have a taste of The Very Best LP, with an incredible remix by mister London and a guy I’m sure you recognize the voice. What a mixture. Let’s lift off with one of the Hip hop albums of this summer and land to the moon of Mercury Rev circa 1992. A few hits later, you’ll find the beautiful song of the Clash that made the beautiful song of MIA. Sister Esther to cool down and some rocksteady flavor for the sun.
Should I say the next one (Futuristic Lover) is the nicest 7’ of my tiny collection? Hmmm yes. And listen how these girls go well with Maria Leão. Just after that comes a big dedication time: an over cover of the song I have in mind all the time, and I’m not the only one, I think. One of Mister Bashung’s treasure, followed by Mister Simon. A long story, but it kinda works. And then Discovery comes to put more sunshine in your hearts, I love so much this song and the entire LP. Sooooooo fresh. Autotune is in da place with its two best players and before leaving, a last thought for that sad guy that just died, with a song you’re not expected to listen here, but its great, no?

2009 Summer Extended Mix [Starsky’s Archives #03] by Starsky on Mixcloud