Lo-Fi is the Right Fi


OK, let’s try it in english for once, even if it’s (deeply) broken english. For all my international people, y’know. It will be like a present for this podcast two years birthday.
So, as children (and he) get old, the indie dad once again found some late 80s and early 90s music to listen to. And it’s lo-fi, dude.
Back in the days, I remember thousand all-night debates about lo-fi during my Toulouse years. I might even kill a guy to end a lo-fi discussion one day, around 1992. Not sure is dead, not sure it’s my fault, but I never saw him again.
Whatever. I am deeply into lo-fi, always been. Since the first dying John Lennon cassette my mom gave me. First, because I hate virtuosity. Especially it’s ‘whoaooh, the guitarist is not one-armed’ part. Second, because I play, sing and record like a cow, and I used to make some music by the days. Third, because I deeply trust punks and DIY people for bringing me some emotions.
Proofs. Let’s begin and end with a champion, Mister LB and his Sentridoh. Each time I listen to his songs, each time I relalize how much I owe him. This guy changed my perception of music. Geeeeeeniuuuuuus. And then Beat Happening. What would lo-fi music be if K-Records didn’t exist, huh? And do you recognize that young man who plays a great Daniel Johnston song? Yes, it’s Beck, long long time ago. After this one, let’s get fool with Pussy Galore, catched here while they’re playing the whole ‘Exile on Main Street’ album. A pure diamond in rock history. Oh, and do you know Tupolef and their accompaniment of Texas Chainsaw Massacre? No ? Of course not. It was my band (OK, me, alone) and something like 21 people have listen to this record since 1995. Reprise of one of my first 4-track recording as Scoubidou, with my brother, few years before. And then, back to rock for a little Royal Trux moment. Because two are always better than one. At least, here comes the time for the master. Daniel himself. No comment. Listen and feel the pain, the joy, the love, everything.

download > STRSKMX#25

80 Girls


Une multitude de microtendances dans nos oreilles. Parmi celles-ci, les filles qui ont des voix d’il y a 20-25 ans. Et finalement ça fait du bien, ce romantisme décomplexé. Tout comme les claviers et les guitares mélodiques comme on dit.
Je m’y laisse prendre avec grand plaisir.
Évidemment il y a beaucoup de Brooklyn dans tout ça. Beaucoup de hype. Mais basta. Simplement, pour clore en beauté, il fallait un peu de relativité. Tisser quelques liens et faire des rappels. Le premier, c’est évidemment avec Heartbreak qui a un peu lancé, me semble-t-il, cette histoire. Et puis on connaît moins bien l’original que les reprises, il fait bon donc y revenir. Pour finir remontons encore le temps pour payer du respect à Bongwater, avec la voix qui a ensorcelé tous les indie dads and moms que nous sommes devenus.

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